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Josephine 11th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Everyone,
I am looking for suitable free games to download on a computer for a young gent who has come to live at our facility (only early 60s) who has had a massive stroke, paralysed left side, speech affected. He is a quiet gent and respectful of our elderly living with dementia, but a bit of a loner. Speaking to his family this is a personality of his. I am hoping to introduce him to the computer as he has not had much to do with computers. We have a touch screen computer in a quiet area and hoping I can introduce him to games to keep his mind active. However I am not a computer game person and need some suggestions. Something I can, in the future, get school students to liaise with him. Any suggestions would be great.
karen 13th Jan 2015 Diversional Therapist
All the card games, eg solitaire this is like patience, poker, Have you looked at mahjong this is a good games as well, lots of thinking involved. Painting and coloring apps. You can also get apps that can help with his speech he types a word and the computer speaks the word. Books, he may like to read or even a journal for his thoughts. All free. a tablet or iPad would be ideal as well Good luck.
Try Luminosity. Heaps of mind games, good for the brain
Josephine 18th Jan 2015
Hi Karen, thanks for the tip, I was probably overthinking the types of computer games. I have been speaking to his family, especially his financial power of attorney and they refuse to purchase one "just in case he does not use it eventually" (mmmm) hence the other alternative is to use our own common computer, unless there is a government initiative for iPad's?

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