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Morag 3rd Feb 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi everyone, Some of you may already do this activity but I thought I would share it with you anyway as all the residents at our facility love it. It is the old fashioned game of beetle, where you have to throw the dice to complete your beetle and who completes their beetle first wins. We do it with two large rubber dice and play it on the white board, Draw up a square for each resident and name it, then when they win a body part you draw it in their square. they must get their head or body before they can get legs, eyes, antenna, and wings. 6 is for the head. 5 for the body, 4 for the legs( need 6 legs)3 for the wings(need 2) 2 for the eyes (need2) 1 for the antenna(need 2). It is a lot of fun as you draw each beetle diffrently, residents all cheer each other on when they are after a body part but keep throwing wrong number. If the person who has won the game still wants to play on so others can complete their beetles they get to throw one dice and donate their number to the person they think needs it. The game can take a while if time is running out call a cheating round and add, divide, subtract the numbers thrown to see if you can get a number the resident needs.
Amanda 4th Feb 2015
We are doing a beetle drive and fish and chip evening (from the fish and chip shop!!) at the end of this month, really looking forward to it as we have invited residents relatives too. Should be a fun evening

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