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Linda 3rd Feb 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi everybody Can someone please give me advise on how to do my resource manual.
gnette 10th Feb 2015
Divide your folder into sections
suggested headings
Entertainers, Places of Interest, Outings ,sub headings , concerts, community Centres offering entertainmment etc, Picnic Grounds ,
Places to visit on scenic bus trips ,Morning Melodies, Visiting Speakers, RSL contacts for related services, Cinemas, theatres,
Visitng services ( library,inhouse shopping ,inhouse shoe sales, nick Knack stalls etc.) Museums,Zoos , Botanical Parks ,national parks,etc.
Ohter sections could cover , Local Church contacts for religous serrives etc, Community Volunteer Services,
Download local council directry from internet,
Resources for theme days ie mothers/fathers Day,anzac rememberance Day, grand final easter ,christmas, etc.
There really is no end depending on yourself and the care recipients needs.
To assist to start your folder google a lot of places and print the information and pictures,

Linda 10th Feb 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Gnette
Thanks for the information Very helpful
Josephine 14th Feb 2015
Hi Linda, I put together separate Folders too. For instance, ANZAC Day / Remembrance Day. If you request from Dpt of Vet Affairs, they will send you a free CD of the music of the order for ANZAC DAY, and their website is fantastic to give you how you can organise the day. Keep a separate folder for this. I have done the same for Mothers & Fathers Day/St. Patricks Day etc - it also includes templates, craft ideas too. It is easily accessible for others to follow i.e. Volunteers. Then just as Gnette does have folder for Entertainers etc. Dependant on how much information you gather will depend on how many separate folders or inserts you wish to have.
gnette 15th Feb 2015
You also require 3,4. 3,5. 3.6 3.8 documents and to b able to show ur commitment to 3:1 I'm an independent standard 3. Consultant /. Auditor if u require any assistance please contact me

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