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Elizabeth 4th Feb 2015 Activity Director
Hi Everyone....I am here in California and I thin that I knowthe answer but need to find out for sure. I am the Activity Director in a small building of 48 residents and I am the only one in my department (no assistant). I work M-F and there is no one for the weekends so the CNA's serve them coffee and put on the TV and that is it. My admin. says that I need to justify why we need an assistant. DAHHHHH....I know that it is a requirement for there to be an activity program running 7 days a week. It is really hard to be only one person and try and run the activity program and do all of the charting and care conferences and all the other meetings and do the room visits. Any suggestions out there?
Cathy 9th Feb 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
Yes ...I did a two week long "Time and Motion" study on my daily work. I included all those little things that get us waylaid, as well as all the main duties. Yes it is time consuming but I gained extra hours from it as my boss said "I didn't know you did so much!"
Just Google how to do one to get you started.
Oh! and do a resident activity survey asking them what they want on weekends, are they happy with activities on weekends etc. Use the results of that as well. Good luck!!
gnette 10th Feb 2015
Volunteer program visitng facilitators
Sharon 25th Feb 2015 RAO
As these residents cognition declines so does their ability to participate, therefore you require more help. Activities minimise behaviours if done properly, but no person alone with 45 residents can be expected to do this on their own. I am lucky enough to have a group of fabulous volunteers, an RAO who works 11am/6pm Mon/Friday, an RAO Sat/Sunday 8/4 and of course myself Monday/Thursday 8/4. We also have a floater RAO MOn, Thurs and Friday 9/4.00, who allows us to do more 1:1 visits, she takes the bus out allowing us to get our paper work done. Tell your boss she is being unreasonable.

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