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Heather 11th Feb 2015 Lifestyle coordinator
I was wondering if lifestyle staff in other aged care facilities are expected to assist residents at meal times who require full assistance.
I would appreciate your opinions and thoughts on this
Kareem 14th Feb 2015 Recreaction Officer
Yes, where i work we do, and we document the feeding as well.
Josephine 14th Feb 2015
Hi Heather, the facility I currently work at, we are not expected to assist at meal times. There was alot of talk via the Nurses that we should help out. During a meeting I was able to put forward a case that these times are for organising the next activity, paperwork, quick meetings with the lifestyle assistants/volunteers. I also asked which Activity we should cancel if our time spent in organising/creating activities is taken up in feeding, then we welcome their suggestions, which in turn means more pressure on the poor Care Staff. You need to take a stance and stay strong. Hence the time is used to be productive in the Lifestyle arena. Hope this helps. Oh and may I add, I did state how they would explain it to the families that there loved one is not involved in a particular activity.
Sharon 22nd Feb 2015 RAO
Hi Heather,
Yes we help with breakfast, and I include this as part of my 1:1 with a High Care Resident. I have also found that by us helping it has narrowed the barrier between Nurse's and activity staff, and they are more willing to help us when needed. All Activity staff should have gone through a feeding orientation before starting by their educator before starting.
Janelle 4th Mar 2015 Recreation Therapist
I also help out for lunch, using the time as part of my 1:1 like Sharon and agree with her absolutely. Have even had a few volunteers orientated to feed as they enjoy this time, knowing it helps the staff and it is such a good time to talk to the resident. A lot of volunteers have chosen not to feed.

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