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Mary 16th Jun 2015 Advanced Recreation Officer
Hi.We have started a upper and lower limb group at the Rehab unit that I work in. Does anyone have ideas of what sort of group activities that could be done that also targets gross motor skills. We are trying to come up with a range of different activities so that we can be doing different things and the patients don't become bored with it.
Charysse 27th Jul 2015
Hi Mary,
I have tried seated yoga, with my people. They loved it. You could also try having seats in a circle and getting your residents to kick or punch a beach ball to each other. That one is often a lot of fun. Hope this helps.
Noreen 4th Aug 2015
Hi Mary,
I have tried seated dancing, you can buy DVD or there are other printed material out there but I go for the easy option and having fun. I also use the circle and the kicking of balls to each other, the balls can also be past around the circle, bounced to each other, more than one ball and balls of different sizes, great fun to music with stopping and starting. A parachute or an octopus-band is good for the upper body and lots of fun. You can try to keep balls up in the air or you can do exercises by pulling the octopus arms either with arms or seated and using their legs.
Lynette 21st Aug 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Mary,
We have a morning exercise program that takes 30 mins. Each resident has a pair of .5 kg weights. We breath in and out moving weights up and down x5 This is then followed by a range of movements with weights. We then do a standing balance set, using the chair in front for balance. Another set of breathing no weights. Then 15 mins of gentle chair exercises to music. The physio helped put this together. Some residents have slight modifications. The program finishes with more breathing. Residents can ask for heavy weights as they feel more confident. We do this 5 days per week and everyone enjoys the program.
Heather 22nd Sep 2015 Diversional Therapist
That is a great program by the sounds.
Tai chi is another fantastic exercise program. I had a Tai chi tutor who is trained through Australian Academy of Tai Chi. She came in twice weekly and within a month I had noticed an improvement in balance and flexibility.

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