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Naomi 14th Jul 2015 Recreational Therapist
Hello All, I work in a high care nursing home and have some residents who are bed bound and some are non responsive. Any ideas on activities i can engage with these residents? Thanks Nay
Josephine 15th Jul 2015
Hi Naomi, this is quite tough, but we have worked with the following: gentle massages of hands (if able to), scalp - scent therapy using aromatherapy and foods - find out from family what type of music the person enjoyed listening to and play for them, maybe the family would have some CD's already to give you. Pet Therapy if the person likes animals. We also have budgies and will take the cage around to the person, if they are non responsive will leave the budgies there for some time as ours sing / whistle / complain. Who knows what the non responsive person (on the outside) is taking in. Is the family able to bring in a DVD Player and then play some of their favorite movies / documentaries etc, or some gentle DVD's too. We have created posters to hang around their room with favorite things / scenery / family photos. On lovely days we sit in the courtyard just taking in the fresh air, whilst we sit with others reading and discussing books / poetry etc. Floral arranging for some who are bed bound but able to use their hands, we use artificial flowers in winter. We also set up for some to paint / color in - we use mandela's and other images we download from the internet and also from Golden Carers. From there we laminate their creations to give to them. Hope this helps somewhat.

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