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Linda 21st Jul 2015 Recreation Therapist
I like to get in guest speakers for the residents but have run out of ideas, any suggestions?
Sandy 21st Jul 2015
try contact your local Rotary or Rotaract Club, they always have great speakers or will be able to connect you will people in the community who can help you.
Which area of Aus do you work?
Linda 27th Jul 2015 Recreation Therapist
Thanks I will. Hackham S.A
Wendy 29th Jul 2015 Recreation therapist
Probus clubs might be another source as some have a quite a range of active retirees who have led interesting lives/careers/hobbies. If you have animal lovers, one of the rescue organisations like WIRES might be interesting.
Judy 3rd Aug 2015 Diversional therapist
I always read the reports in the community papers and ask the speakers they have, eg Womens groups,gardening clubs,etc. Also Police Community staff,Councillers,Library and School staff any Family members of Residents and staff who have interests, hobbies,travel stories,interesting jobs or collections.We have a regular speaker from the museum,and a local man who has a collection of old things,he also has written many books on the district.the local school children bring their electronics and we teach them to play bowls,knit etc. Judy NZ
Natasha 4th Aug 2015 Occupational Therapist
Great ideas!

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