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Elizabeth 25th Aug 2015 Activity Director
I have been asked to do an inservice for the staff in the whole building and I have never given one before so are there any suggestions out there....HELP
Sally 26th Sep 2015
Get in touch with Alzheimers Australia they have a great dvd and lots of resources. I take it your management is quite supportive of Activities which is great. Encourage the nursing staff of the importance of knowing what activities are on each day and reminding the residents. Also it is helpful if nursing staff can assist both bringing and collecting residents from activities. Theme days where all the staff dress up and the residents can join in is good. Maybe they could do a few of the simple exercises in their ADLs if you do exercises with the residents. I love it when nurses stop for a moment while I'm running Bingo and call out "Bingo" for fun. It doesn't take long out of their schedule. It is a problem in my area that nurses feel they need to "clean up" all the time and we feel the need to leave activities half finished, ie socks to be sorted, crosswords on tables with pencils, magazines open etc

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