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John 3rd Sep 2015 Deputy Manager

I am a Deputy Manager of a Dementia Care Home and have recently been visited by the local authority. As part of there inspection one of my residents have asked for a male grooming activities. Any ideas?

Shantell 3rd Sep 2015
Hi John

I run a male grooming activity once per month called the Barber shop. The men all have either thinning hair or are bald at our facility so I run the clippers over their hair, trim nose hair and ear hair with clippers designed for those parts, and trim up their eye brows. I also lather up using the old soap and brush ( one for each resident) their faces and give them a shave. I purchased all things required for the activity from the shaver shop and then in between all residents I clean with alcohol swaps. The men really enjoy coming along and they all sit in our hairdresser room around the wall and chat. Not only does the activity promote feelings of self worth but also Social interaction between the male resident
leonie 4th Sep 2015 Lifestyle Co-Ordinator
Hi John,

We have a Mens session they call "Mens Maintenance" on 1 afternoon per fortnight, in which the men are offered rounds of card games, a glass of cold beer and potatoe chips as they wait for their turn in the Foot spas- we have 4 going at any one time, hand massages & nail care, there is Aroma therapy in the air form a diffuser and music in the back ground. Have to say the men thoroughly enjoy this activity. ;0)
Heather 17th Oct 2015
Hi John,
I am loving this activity and can not wait to try it with our male residents.

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