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Fidelma 20th Sep 2015 activity co ordinator
Hi everyone , i am getting a post as a activity co ordinator have been doing activities for the last 20 years but as a multitask attendant ,doing other duties like running a daycentre also but they have recognised all the gd work i have been doing and asked me to set up a activity programme in another nursing home tried it one day but it was tiring doing it all day trying to keep them going but afterwards matron said if i showed other staff the benifits of activities and set up a programme and visit what ever time suits me looking for ideas on a timetable or programme working for same healthboard but theynwant me to expand to another nursing home say one day a week or a few hours on a given day wd appreciate help to get started
Elsa 9th Nov 2015 Diversional Therapist Co ordinator
Hi Fidelma I feel you pain...I coordinate 4 sites in total 500 residents and 13 rao staff. What works for me is visiting each site 1x per week and one day back a head office doing the management side of things (developing policies, procedures, reaserch etc) I need to be very stricked with my time and I have to delegate to rao staff what they have to do at site level. Cooordinators should be there as support person, educator, guide a resources not a doer. Be carefull not to get stuck doing too much and everyones work.

Best of luck
Fidelma 11th Nov 2015 activity co ordinator
Thank yo for your help appreciate it fid

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