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Whenua 23rd Nov 2015 Director of Nursing
Hi there, can anyone recommend what music is best to play during meal times. I have used a few including Richard Clayderman piano and Pan pipes but needing inspiration and ideas.
Thanks folks. ~ Del
Josephine 6th Dec 2015
Hi Whenua, if you are able to find out what type of music your residents have enjoyed in the past. Background music that our residents find helpful is classical, but we are incorporating music that our residents have in their rooms and that family have brought in. This has assisted us - of course we ensure that CD's are labelled appropriately.
Lynette 20th Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist
Our residents prefer not to have music played at meal times. We have a number of DVD's of photos collections or an aquarium that we can play without sound, this gives people something to look at. Sport, cricket, tennis etc. is often a request and we allow this without sound. Conversation in the dining room is encouraged. Management prefer music, but our current residents do not.

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