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Debby 6th Jan 2016 Recreation Therapist
Good Afternoon. I need some NEW ideas for Valentine's Day.. Your thought?

margaret 15th Jan 2016 activity co-ordinator
first get your chef on board ask if he could make a special valentines dinner for residents who have spouses that visit
send out invitations to each couple which will give you an idea of how many would attend
organise an area and decorate with tables for two using white and red tablecloths, flowers name cards ,lamps in stead of an overhead light make it nice and cosy
buy cards and ask your resident if they would like to chose one to give to their partner
have a few members of staff dress up as waitresses black top and skirt or trousers make aprons from white paper table cloth roll ,trimming with paper lace doilies, make hat with another doillie a few bottles of alcohol free wine and may be beer for the men and they will have that special moment together
I hope this helps we done this and it was a great , good luck

Debby 20th Jan 2016 Recreation Therapist
Thanks Margaret

Great ideas and I love the lamps idea!!!

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