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Marie 10th Feb 2016 Diversional Therapist
Our facility is appears so clinical and hospital like. My boss has asked me to come up with ideas on how to make it more like home, particularly for dementia residents. Nothing is of the table. Hit me with your ideas!
Kim 11th Feb 2016 Activity Director
Take some sweet pictures of your residents playing activities, frame them and set them around the community. My residents and their families love it. Change out the pictures monthly if you can.
stephen 11th Feb 2016
create homey areas. tv area (find an old the box kind then replace the inside with a new 1) have a cooking program/bring children into the home/have a sensory area that suits home like activities; flower arranging, sewing machine, cot change table, hat scarf racks etc
Jacinta 19th Feb 2016 Lifestyle Co Ordinator
some things you can change some you can't, wall colours floor covers and furniture are big ticket items. Think about your home , talk to your resi's about there homes, change your language. When you speak about your residents use family member instead of resident, focus on social engagement opportunities, include dementia residents in your activities, speak about the concept of family and get the clinical staff on board (may be hard).
we engage our resi's in a craft group where we get them to make small items for special events, hand made cards that we sell for 50 cents to cover cost the list is almost endless. In the end it is up to you and your staff to not just say it is a home but to actively promote and embrace the concept. A house is where people live , a home is full of family.

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