Activities for Dementia

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People with dementia may at times need distractions to fill up their days. In the early stages of dementia it is important to keep the mind working so that is does not just shut down. This is when dementia activities are more important than ever.

Puzzles (checkout our Games) are a great source of distraction as well as being an ideal activity in the early stages of the condition. Choose a puzzle that has around 100 pieces and that contains a great deal of colors. Puzzles with more than 100 pieces or ones that have too many pieces of the same color can be a challenge for dementia patients. Try helping the person build the frame first and then the inside of the puzzle usually gets done easier for them.

Gardening is a great physical activity that allows the person to get outside into the bright sunshine. It is important to have the person do a part of gardening that matches their abilities. For instance, they may be able to do weeding, watering the flowers or raking the leaves. If the person does not have a garden or does not like the outdoors, indoor plants or flowers are just as enjoyable.

Crossword puzzles inside the daily newspaper are perfect for rainy days. Jumble puzzles are also enjoyed by many people.

Exercise is a great pastime and is ideal for circulation. Just something as simple as having the person bend at the knees, twisting slightly from side to side or raising their arms above their heads is all that is needed.

People with dementia can have times where the days seem so long. Having them perform dementia activities is important to their health and wellbeing.