Activities for
Diversional Therapy

Golden Carers provides support and inspiration to Recreation Therapists, Lifestyle Coordinators and Activity Assistants. Save time with thousands of meaningful ideas that make your job easier!

Golden Carers brings you Diversional Therapy activity ideas for individuals and groups!

What is Diversional Therapy? Diversional Therapy is a type of client centered leisure based occupation. The main target of this kind of therapy is to enhance the quality of life through development and support of clients’ physical, social, spiritual, emotional and psychological requirements.

The Therapist gives their clients the ability to participate in recreation and leisure activities which enhance personal satisfaction and self-esteem. Developing the right recreational program can help with decision making, client choice, and participation. Activity ideas should be are tailored to the specific requirements of individual or group to get the maximum individual satisfaction and enjoyment.

Golden Carers helps Diversional Therapists with activity ideas focusing on:

  • Tactics that assist with Family Life and Daily Living.
  • Maintaining use of hand and visual skills.
  • Creative activities and games with an amazing result.
  • Tactics that help with mood swings, orientation as well as memory.
  • Encourage Socialization, Expression, and Communication.
  • Permitting clients to do things within their own abilities.
  • Providing meaning and purpose to life through involvement and activity.

The therapist works with a person in order to get the positive health results by including leisure activities in their lifestyles. The activities are quite diverse and may vary from:

  • Spiritual, cultural and social activities
  • Sensory enrichment, activities such as pet therapy, aromatherapy and massage
  • Education sessions, discussion groups such as cooking, beauty care, and grooming
  • Music, outings, computers, gentle exercise, gardening games, arts and crafts.
  • Social support and individual emotional

This kind of Therapy is not only about passing the time, but also it is about providing a higher quality of life. The aim of this therapy is not to keep people occupied, but to keep them refreshed; not to provide an escape from life, but to offer a finding of life.

Golden Carers specialize in activities and documentation for Diversional Therapy. We give inspiration, motivation and support to Aged Care Activity Assistants, Leisure experts, and Diversional Therapists. We release new resources and activities every week. Whether you are a personal carer, nurse carer, recreational therapist, or diversional therapist – there is something for you.

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