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Jean 6th Jun 2021 Activities Coordinator

Armchair Travel to South Africa

Thank you, this will be a hit.
Jean 5th Jun 2021 Activities Coordinator


Yes, I had the same Julie. Nothing like a 'cuppa'. No matter what food or drink we are tasting we make sure that the regular tea trolley still visits the group
Jean 28th May 2021 Activities Coordinator


We use them a lot. The organisation that I work for has subscribed to several programs that offer person centered music, videos, family photos etc. We have 5 x 7" and 3 x 9". they are in covers so that if dropped etc they don't break and can also stand on a table when the residents is viewing. I agree with Susan the bigger the better and you may need to use them with headphones if you are downloading videos, music etc as when you get several playing at once it is noisy . I have times when I have a resident listening to Elvis, another one watching a video of the Tattoo and yet another one listening to a church choir all in the lounge at the same time.
Jean 8th May 2021 Activities Coordinator


Did you see my comment on the forum, just bread and jam it went down well.
Jean 7th May 2021 Activities Coordinator


They loved todays session. I had 8 residents 10 slices of buttered bread and 4 pots of jam. I cut each slice of bread in 4 and we spread jam on it whilst chatting about getting scratched by thorns stung by nettles etc whilst picking berries and fruit. Most of the residents could recall the big pot and the sweet smell of sugar and fruit when their mothers made jam. An hour and a bit this afternoon well spent.
Jean 6th May 2021 Activities Coordinator


Tomorrow I will do a bread and jam activity. Slices of buttered bread, an assortment of jams for them to spread and to taste and lets reminisce about picking fruit as children, using up surplus fruit in jams, baking etc. An easy relaxed activity session.
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Animal Bingo

Thanks for all the picture Bingo. I do a couple of rounds with regular bingo and then as the residents begin to get 'tired' we break for tea then do a round of picture bingo before breaking for the day.
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Armchair Travel to Hawaii

Thank you. This is going to be a fun day with a care home that smells like a pineapple.
Jean 1st Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


I do the same as you Matthew but I use Alexa (as backup) I get the lyrics from the internet and put them into a folder for the residents to use, it works well, all of my residents enjoy a singalong. You just have to make sure that the lyrics correspond to the version on Alexa.
Jean 31st Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator


Yes Susan, I thought that it would work well but in this job there is a lot of trial and error. I had spoken to the people before I attempted it but on the day of the activity everything went wrong. Never mind I will shelf it for a short while but I still believe that it has the potential to be an activity that a small group can enjoy.