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Jean 15th Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator

Reminiscing: How to Create a Memory Board

Two of my residents familys did something similar to this and typed out a sheet of facts:
My name is xyz: and I was born in 1346
'Important steps in my life'
they then listed the steps chronologically eg
1974 Sold my house in Baxter Avenue
1976 my daughter, Anne, was born
this sheet of facts is so much help to the dementia resident who continually asks the same question, where is this place, have you seen my dog, etc. we read through the sheet and explain they have probably forgotten because that happens when you get older. Straight away they feel less anxious.

Jean 31st Jul 2018 Activities Coordinator


I do quite a lot of one to one activities but have had great success with our 'balloon handball' and the residents that are sleeping in the chairs often wake up and get involved. I simply blow up a punching balloon, throw it to the residents and ask them to throw it back to me. its not long before they are stretching to reach it and laughing at me as I have to stretch to catch it. The only rule is that they have to be seated. This is a regular 30 minutes in the lounge before lunch every day. While we are playing I have a CD on.
Jean 30th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinator

The Power of Touch in Senior Care

Love this article
Jean 3rd May 2018 Activities Coordinator


I will get the residents to ice and decorate cup cakes. I bought a pack of rice paper cake toppers especially designed for the royal wedding and will use them to decorate. I keep things simple and will just buy ready made cup cakes but if you do have people who can bake perhaps they can do a batch for you. you can add to this activity by getting them to decorate paper plates to put their cup cakes on. We will culminate everything by having a buffet lunch while watching the wedding on TV.
Jean 30th Jan 2018 Activities Coordinator

10 ways to increase activity participation

I tried a regular exercise program using a DVD but it did not work. We now have a group of about 6 to 10 regulars, most of who have dementia, and hit a balloon around. Much more fun and just as effective for upper body mobility. it involves social interaction also.