6 Ways to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby

6 Ways to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby

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We’re off to the races!  The Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday in May each year. y
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We’re off to the races!  The Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday in May each year. This iconic horse race is famous not only for its fast ponies and clever jockeys but also for its fashion and cocktails. One thing is certain: the Derby is an excellent excuse to throw a party for your residents!

1. Make Fancy Hats - People who attend the Derby today still wear fancy hats, a tradition that started many years ago. Create the same experience for your residents by scheduling one or more creative hat workshops where they can make their own. Supplies to have on hand include plastic derby hats and headbands as the base, glue, and decorations like dried flowers, lace, ribbons, and anything else you can find in your supply cabinet.

2. Host a Hat Parade - Before the races begin, encourage residents to participate in a hat parade to show off their Derby fashion. You can do this fashion-show style announcing each resident one by one, or you can simply parade through the hallways to many “oohs” and “aahs” from staff members.

3. Make Mint Juleps - It’s not the Kentucky Derby without a mint julep! Muddled mint leaves, simple syrup, and bourbon are the original ingredients, but you can swap out the alcohol for lemonade or other juices to create your own delicious concoction for the festivities.

4. Learn Derby History - To get your residents in the spirit of the race, consider reading some fast facts or information about the history of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.
History of the Kentucky Derby.

5. Host Your Own Horse Race - Many senior living communities already have a strong tradition of playing a horse racing game. (Get the DIY version here!) Host your own horse racing games before the official races at Churchill Downs begin.

6. Place Friendly Bets - Betting on a favorite horse is a Derby pastime that you can bring into your community too. Place the names of the racing horses around the room and pass out one post it note to each resident. Have the resident write their name on their post-it note and then stick it by the horse they want to win. Pass out red roses to the ones who choose the winning horse!

Have fun celebrating at your community!

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