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Kevin 4th Jan 2016
Hi there. We sat down this am to do the word game. Only to find that all our residents were discussing how annoyed they were about not being able to find 3 explorers. I explained that no one could find them, and that id let you know. But I just saw that your already aware.
Thank you.
And Happy new year to all at Golden Carers
Talita 12th Jan 2016
Quite right Kevin! It seems that some of the names were so long they were automatically removed, I have fixed this up now. Thank you for pointing it out!
Solange 29th Jan 2011
Thanks for letting me know. Some of the explorers had been omitted from the word search because the software was unable to fit them all in. I have fixed this up for next year!
Suzanne 27th Jan 2011
Could not find all aussie explorers in this quiz. Was there a trick, I Work in respite centre and have quite afeww switched on ladies. Cheers.

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