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Shelly 12th Apr 2016 activity Director
Hi I am looking for ideas for special dress up days
for example cowboy day , hat day, black n white day
what are some more
Talita 15th Apr 2016
Hi Shelly,

Have you had a look through the theme days category for some ideas?

This is a good one:
Host to Host a Country & Western Themed Party

Good Luck!
Robyn 26th Apr 2016
Hi Shelley,
We have had several themed days at our facility that the residents (and families) have enjoyed..We have had a Masquerade ball ..I bought cheap masks for the residents and cheap material and made shawls for the ladies...The Hawaiian Day we purchased lais etc and decorated our dining room in a hawaiian theme. A rock and roll day...Elvis day, Cowboy and Indian day and provided a country and western type lunch...The staff are invited to dress up and enjoy these days as well and often put on a dance for the residents to enjoy.Hope this helps
Kylie 3rd May 2016 leisure and lifestyle officer

We celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day. I think its in October. We had lots of eye patches.! The Horse Races are another good day to dress up. We got the Ladies to decorate old straw hats to wear. We also made Easter Hats and decorated them. we had a Hat Parade. We often play 'what's in the bag'. You have a bag full of dress up items and have music playing. The bag gets passed around (with the help of a staff member), and when the music stops they have to put their hand in the bag and take out the first thing they touch and put it on.

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