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Lorraine 15th Apr 2016 Diversional Therapist
I am looking for a new activity/game for my residents using the specials brochures that come in their thousands twice a week in the local newspapers. Does anyone have any ideas?
Talita 15th Apr 2016
Great question!

We have a few activities on the site that utilize recycled magazine and brochures -

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks:

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

Recycled Pages Christmas Wreath:

It will be interesting to see if we get some new ideas too!

Heather 17th Apr 2016
Shoppers scavenger hunt.... Write a list of items for residents to find. Good for team building. Winning team with the most items found win a prize.
Talita 18th Apr 2016
Heather that sounds like a fun activity and great way to recycle, thanks for sharing!
chant 21st Apr 2016
Just a few ideas to throw out there.
If you can get doubles of each item, you can do a matching game. An activity can be to cut out pictures of objects, trying to get 2 of each item, glue to a cardstock paper on a vibrant color, maybe as a tool, red for meat, green for vegetables etc...then you can do a matching game, like go-fish where they ask other players for the picture they have.

Ask for competitive brand names, or slogans related to the objects

For magazines, we used Canadian Tire cataloges, pass everyone a catalogue, they roll 2 dice, (if they roll a 1 and a 6 they can either go to page 16 or 61 and tell us what they would love to purchase on that page, or hand out play money and they can buy whatever object is on that page, according to the play money they have.

And I understand some individuals may be sensitive, and question if they are really buying the object, it is clearly stated before the activity that this is just a game, and we are here together passing the time together, and trying to have some fun!

Like the great idea mentioned above, with making a list and finding the objects, you can also find a nice picture and ask questions like... How many children are there in the picture.?..How many of them are wearing red.?..Do you think they are siblings or friends? Who is the tallest?...How many of them are wearing sandles?...what age group would you give them?...What is being grilled on the Bar-B-Q?...
Talita 21st Apr 2016
So many great ideas! I think we will have to turn this thread into an activity of it's own! Thanks Chant.
Lorraine 26th Apr 2016 Diversional Therapist
Thanks for the great ideas. I will try them out with our residents.
Kylie 3rd May 2016 leisure and lifestyle officer
This isn't really using the 'Junk Mail', but I am going to play 'The Price is right'. I will bring in grocery items from home, that I think the clients would buy themselves, and see if the clients can guess how much they cost. Maybe they could use the brochures to find the prices?
Lorraine 3rd May 2016 Diversional Therapist
I Like that!
Josephine 6th May 2016 Lifestyle Manager
Some great ideas that I will be using - thanks !!

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