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Rebecca 29th Apr 2016 Diversional Therapy Corrdinator
Hi all!! I am looking for some suggestions on how to improve the smell of our dementia unit (can not be oil burners , candles ect) what do others use to neutralize the air?? Thanks in advance
Solange 29th Apr 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Rebbeca, White vinegar is a wonderful 'get rid of unpleasant smells'. We used to put small containers half full (no lids) hidden away around the place such as out of reach in shelves, or behind furniture. If you find it cumbersome then soak face washers into white vinegar, ring a little and place inside plastic bags leaving the bag open. I hope it can help. Best wishes.
Cathy 29th Apr 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
We occasionally use incense for relaxation, this we put outside but it wafts inside through the window. Early mornings when ADL's are done or the occasional offensive smell occurs, we use an air freshener. Other than that we open windows and doors when ever possible. In winter we open a them just a little to circulate fresh air. I suggest discussing with your facility manager ways to reduce the smell permanently.
Kylie 3rd May 2016 leisure and lifestyle officer
HI, you could use the Reed Diffusers. They have bamboo sticks in a jar with incense. the bamboo soaks up the liquid and gives the room a nice smell. they look nice too. We also made lavender bags to take home. we have a few left over and they make the place smell nice too.
Lynn 3rd May 2016 Compliance & Training Manager
Hi I find that orange blossom and natural plant smells work well as it is sensory.

Josephine 6th May 2016
Hi All, we have put up high those automatic air fresheners around the place, this works very well indeed. Obviously in good weather it is opening up windows - bring in flowers that we use for floral arranging activity. Sensory activity - we mix some lavender oil in sorbolene (ensure that you use a plastic spoon so that you do not cross contaminate the moisturiser) and then massage hand & arm. This helps enormously.
Heidi 4th Jun 2016
Hi Everyone,
I agree with Josephine but we also ask the cleaners to pour Eucalyptus oil in to the drains of en-suites and common areas. Its safe and smells fresh.
Rosie 28th Jun 2016 diversional therapist
fresh lilies in the foyer will kill any smell
Charysse 27th Jul 2016
Hi, I use the essential oils, but sprinkle a little on the curtains so when the wind blows, the scent comes in with it. Alternatively, you could make little sachets to hang and sprinkle it there.
Carolyn 27th Jul 2016
Aromatherapy diffusers work well and if using a blend of oils for relaxation can be helpful in the dementia areas.

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