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jerri 13th Jul 2016
hi, I work in a high care community and I am trying to build a positive culture between relatives and staff but it is very hard because families are untrusting and aggressive towards staff, I understand it takes time but I was wondering about others experiences of how they have opened honest and respectful dialogue between family members
Solange 22nd Jul 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jerri, I know how you feel, sometimes it is really challenging to please all families. But there are strategies to make it a little easier. Watch out for coming article on the subject.
Maree 13th Jan 2017
Hi Jerri
My role is PAG co-ordinator.
I don't know if this helps, our aged care activities co-ordinator tries to involve family members wherever possible, inviting a family member to BBQ's, to BINGO on a Thursday night and also to Christmas lunches and other events. They are always encouraged to join in any activities. And obviously...they always need to feel they are listened to.
We feel that our relationship between staff and relatives is pretty good here, obviously with hiccups!

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