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Julie 19th Jul 2016 diversional therapist
I am currently brand new to the world of Diversional Therapy. I am looking for the WOW factor to add to well-being of low care older people based at a respite day centre. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Thanks Julie
Solange 22nd Jul 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Julie, you just entered the most rewarding and challenging profession of health care providers in the leisure and recreation filed. Welcome to our wonderful community! The WOW factor is going to be your satisfaction in going to work every day, in being happy to see the same smiling and grateful faces, and the friendships and shared stories formed along the way. Golden Carers can help you to develop an awesome Activity Program for low care clients.
Julie 23rd Jul 2016 diversional therapist
Hi Solange,
Thank you

Its the WOW factor which I need lol
My colleague is fab but I have to prove myself as an individual worker.

Solange 25th Jul 2016 Diversional Therapist

Hi, Julie, you have to use your creativity and ingenuity to find the WOW factor! It all depends of what sort of Activity Program you have in place. The WOW factor is that extra amount of detail you add to your work, or that small feature or quality you present your clients.
Look for an activity that will delight not just satisfy clients. If clients are delighted they are more likely to say WOW and return for more. Any ordinary interaction can be turned into an extraordinary encounter.
Here are a few tips to impress your colleagues and make your clients say WOW!!
- Innovate an existing activity from the Activity Program and turn it into a 4 week exciting Tournament.
- Throw a theme party
- Have a cooking session to cook a delicious, decadent soup with a recipe from the 1930s or 1940s.
- Provide personalized experiences for clients (head, shoulder massage, reading)
- Throw an ice cream party on a scorching hot day
Best wishes. I am sure you will find something!
Susan 8th Sep 2016
My first session was a chocolate tasting from white to the darkest of dark we rated and graded them. I did some background internet research on cocoa and chocolate there's loads of stuff on the internet. This gave me over an hours activity and avoided a sugar rush of too much chocolate all in one go. I still do themed tastings fruit, cheese, tea, crisps it's amazing how the turn out improves when food or drink is offered!

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