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Debby 2nd Sep 2016 Recreation Therapist
Hi there
I love, love this site. I am from Canada and I was wondering if you have anything that pertains to our Country?

Thanks Deb
Talita 2nd Sep 2016
Hi Deb,

Thank you so much! Yes we have a category dedicated to Canada and many Canadian members.
Rose 21st Sep 2016 Activity Director
Perfect just what I was looking for also!!! I work in a 40 room retirement home with half of residents that have Alzheimer's or dementia
Kat 3rd Jan 2017
Hi Deb
Where in Canada do you live? I am in Brisbane, Australia, but am Vancouver born with relatives living in Newfoundland. I was thinking of finding an overseas facility to exchange a monthly email - like a pen friend style - to be shared with our Residents. (Our facility is 58 Residents, low and high care and dementia.)
Maybe I would share the email at happy hour. I have Residents interested in Canada and who have travelled there. Any chance you might be interested? Or could forward my interest to someone else?
[email protected]
We could probably come with all kinds of ideas if you had the time/interest? I've already checked the site golden carers have given you for Canada and love it!

Leona 6th Jan 2017 Recreation
HI Kat,
I work in a facility in BC and would love to have a pen pal facility for our Residents! I will shoot an email of to you.

Claudia 10th Feb 2017 Senior Support Worker
I, too am in Canada, Ontario to be exact, nice to see the Canadian content.
Talita 13th Feb 2017
Welcome Claudia!
Claudia 15th Feb 2017 Senior Support Worker
Thank you Talita, learning lots of new and exciting things here.

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