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Jennifer 23rd Oct 2016
Good morning/evening depending on where you are- I am new here so I am hoping you can help. I am currently enrolled in MEPAP II and have an assignment to do an average daily work schedule for each job description in our facility. I was about to do the director and my job activity assistant but we have one of my coworkers who they call her an activity assistant but she is really a recreational therapist. It is supposed to be broken down by half hour intervals Any help is great appreciated. From what I have been told from my teacher it is an average day just broken down so we can see where our time goes. Than you in advance!

Solange 25th Oct 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jennifer, how strange that a Recreational Therapist is called an ‘Activity Assistant’. They have completely different roles.

For your assignment, it is best to ask the Therapist how she breaks up her working day. She may take half an hour to create a therapeutic plan for someone whose health has recently deteriorated or she may use some time to record and analyse the progress of clients. She would use some time teaching clients how to cope with anxiety or depression and evaluate Care Plans.

I hope this helps.

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