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Julie 1st Dec 2016 lead recreationist-adult day program
Throughout the day in our day program, there are several times when one activity might end earlier than anticipated and another activity has not been scheduled or planned to fill the gap. These gaps take place around transition times such as snack, lunch or at the end of the day when waiting for transit to arrive. Participants are often sitting quietly waiting for staff direction of what to do next. Staff try to fill these 10 or 15 minute gaps by suggesting participants utilize the washroom or chatting with some of the participants but some are still left sitting in silence wondering what to do.
Does anyone have any ideas on activities/programs that we could implement quickly and with little preparation time???

Thanks in advance!
Solange 4th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Julie, yes, sometimes the activity finishes early than expected and it is nice to have some ready-made activities to fill the gap. Here are a few ideas you can have on handy for those occasions: distribute “Spot the Differences” game, a quick quiz, get the dictionary and ask for some antonyms and synonyms, playing hangman on a white board, reading a few jokes or a poem, balloon tossing, cutting pictures from magazines for a poster. Best wishes!
Sonia 19th Dec 2016 Life Enrichment Associate
We do some fill in the blank nursery rhymes, jokes, who am I. Sometimes I play a cd they haven't heard in a while. Looking at magazines or "coffee table books" is also good.
Helen 1st Jan 2017 Activity Director
I know what you mean with the in between... down time! I do... Finish the phrase, Who am I, Music Trivia, Famous Couples, Opposites, (night &---), Pairs (like salt &------), Say the Capitol they say the State...Movie trivia etc... This list will keep you going & Golden has most of this & google for other reference. Best Wishes to you
MARYANN 8th Jan 2017
Word Games - What's in the eg Shed /Kitchen/Bedroom.
Words stating with "any letter - let a Consumer choose"
Famous People
I remember When - pictures
Finish the sentence - eg Bird in the hand ..................
Local News - newspaper reading.

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