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Patricia 28th Jan 2017
I have 80 residents in my community skilled nursing/rehab. 1/2 of them have dementia and 1/4 are rehab and the other 1/4 are long term residents.
My challenge is having activities coinside with both groups or at separte times. I have 1 full time assistant and myself. I have involved in many, many meetings every week. Any ideas/activites would be so appreciated.
Solange 30th Jan 2017
Hi Patricia, I would have two activities going at once; that way clients could have a choice. The activities should harmonise with each other; e.g. If one activity is Proverbs, the other should be a Quiz or another activity that would not perturb the other running activity. Best wishes.
Opal 12th Feb 2017
Hi Patricia, This sounds just like my place. 50 residents with 10 high dementia needs and anther 10 high functioning and everyone one else in between. It can be a real challenge at times, along with all the meetings :)
I find having access anytime to scrabble and cards is working well [ at the moment anyway] The first few times I needed to encourage them, target group of about 8 as not all come each time and some are happy just watching. I also included one lady with advanced dementia, but her word and social skills are still high, some residents were a bit concerned at first, but then she started to beat them ;) They now organise themselves but still like to be in the same area as the staff. Also 2 suggestions for the quiz. Ask a question get an answer then go around group one by one and see if others agree or have a different answer. 2) Ask a question with no right/wrong answer eg What is your favourite ........., Have you ever.......
I hope this helps you and I am sure that you have tried these already. We are here to help each other and I am putting up my own help request now
Good luck Robyn

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