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Amy 21st Feb 2017 Recreation Officer
I am searching for activities to do with water that can involve residents at hospital level care. Besides hand massages and the ability to experience a small element of water therapy. I would appreciate some suggestions that could broaden the theme of water-play for indoor and outdoor activities.
Adelia 23rd Feb 2017 Activity Director
I did a fishing tournament w/ my residents. It was a lot of prep but the outcome was rewarding to watch.
Materials Needed:
Fish floaties
Hot glue
little magnets
strings (fishing line)
Stick (fishing rods)
Water in Tub
Hot glue magnets to fish and put another magnet at the end of the fishing line, tie the line to the rods. Have resident sit around the tub w/ little floating fishes and try to catch fishes.
You can have coolers of drinks and music to the side. FUN! FUN! AND FUNNY at the same time.
Talita 27th Feb 2017
Love these ideas Adelia!!

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