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Darlene 15th Mar 2017 Director
I am looking for an efficient and organized way to do shopping ( grocery, office supplies, etc) and inventory control at my facility. I am planning to address this issue with the cooking staff at our center next week. Any ideas, resources, or practical tips you can share to streamline the process would be most welcome.
Solange 15th Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Darlene, to make shopping less time consuming there are a few things to remember such as:
• Composing a grocery list and sticking to it
• Avoiding impulse buying
• Looking for specials on staple items
• Buying in bulk when it makes sense
• Don’t forget your coupons (if applicable)
• Keeping all the receipts to enter into a spreadsheet

Good luck with the shopping!
Darlene 15th Mar 2017 Director
Thanks for the tips Solange. I am not so concerned about the shopping time. What I am more concerned about is setting up a system/structure for shopping and inventory control. For instance setting up weekly ( or monthly) menus, and compiling the shopping list around those menus and then keeping track of smaller items when they run out. The kitchen staff has a major role to play, but I am looking for a practical way of systematizing things as much as possible. For instance, is it better to do weekly menu planning, or is it better to plan 6-8 weeks of meals that rotate every 8 weeks?
Solange 16th Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Darlene, I am afraid I am not qualified to help you there. A Nutritionist would be more suitable. Interesting that you are involved in the menu of your facility; that does not happen in Australia in my experience. It is certainly an interesting and challenging facet of your job.
Best wishes.

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