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amanda 21st Mar 2017 lifestyle coordinator
Good morning all.
We have a good range of volunteers at our facility however i'm wanting ideas on what type of activities they can do with our residents. We already do 1:1, gardening, chats etc
Would love to implement new activities for residents who prefer to stay in their rooms as well.
Thanks in advance
Solange 22nd Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Amanda, you are very lucky to have volunteers, they are invaluable assets for any care facility. Volunteers can teach a small group (2 to 3 persons, cognitively similar) how to play card games; they may have to learn simple games like: Go Fish! Crazy Eights, or any other game they know. Volunteers could also facilitate small groups for these activities:
1)Take a couple of clients to a coffee shop (approval from management and written consent from clients or family is necessary).
2) Creative work: sculpting, painting, colouring.
3) Board games.
4) Cooking activities: frosting cupcakes, filling Halloween bags of Trick or Treat, making fruit kebabs, decorating half boiled eggs,
5) Craft: Chocolate Holder Chicks for mothers’ day, Festive Wall Art, decorating eggs for Easter.
Best wishes.

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