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Lindsey 22nd Mar 2017 Program Coordinator
Good morning,
The day program I manage is currently going through renovations to improve our environment to a more home-like setting vs facility. We will be moving towards smaller groups vs larger and focusing on person-centered activities. Up until now most of our activities are typical generic large-group and we assign clients to staff and volunteers daily. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions about how to operationally set up the day so that we are utilizing smaller groups, but we still are able to chart on clients at the end of the day. I have heard one way is to assign staff a group of clients that they will be responsible for charting on and care planning for on a 6-month basis, I have also heard a facility assigns staff to different stations and if you have an interaction with a client then you chart on that person. Any advice or successes with a particular way?

Thank you!
Talita 22nd Mar 2017
Hi Lindsey, interesting question - would love to hear what others have to say regarding this.

I'm not sure if you're already using software to help you with your charting and care planning but this is something that could work well in the scenario you presented above. It would streamline the reporting process and make it easy for staff to report on different clients.

Take a look through Golden Care Tools for an idea of how it could work.

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