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Solange 9th May 2011 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jenny,

I worked in an RSL Hostel which was considered 'low care' at the time. All residents could move without aids and most had good cognition. We took them on community trip twice a month. The bus fitted sixteen people so we had 14 residents and two staff members. We also had a wonderful driver who gave us a hand whenever needed. These days I work in a high care facility and our bus takes twelve people and 4 wheelchairs. However we only take 5 or 6 residents and only two wheelchairs. The ratio is two staff members but we always try to involve some of the residents relatives to accompany us. This makes a big difference because they can look after their loved ones and also give us a hand if necessary. Again, we have a wonderful bus driver who helps a lot; which makes three (four, if we can persuade a relative to go) of us to look after 7 or 8 residents. It is not easy, I know. I often have a headache from stress when I go on community buses. The responsibility is enormous.
Every facility has their own policies, this is an example only from places I worked before. I hope this can help you.



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