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Darlene 21st Jun 2017 Activities Director
Hi all, I work in a long term care facility. We are looking for ideas for starting intergenerational programs and activities to get more youth into our facility. Any one have any ideas?
Susan 21st Jun 2017 Activity Director
Hi Darlene
Start by contacting all the public schools in the area and ask if they're interested know maybe they can come once or twice
You could contact some nursery school sometime down children may come out
Next you can contact the churches they have youth group and they might be interested also
You could also contact scout groups they may want to come up because the children have to badges
You may start by doing A penpal activity or with this day and age you could do a Facebook or face time or Skype as long as you have a big screen TV that everyone could see
I hope this helps
Danica 8th Jul 2017
An organization from Toronto is in the process of creating a beginners instructional guide of sorts for Intergenerational Programs, it is called SKIP-in-a-Box. Perhaps take a look!
Their website has some great ideas as well!
Lyn 10th Jul 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
we have or local pre school come in once a week they read, paint or play with play doh with the residents they also come and put on little concerts which the residents love

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