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Jackie 26th Jul 2017 Life Enrichment Director
We are an assisted living facility with a number of residents with macular degeneration. Does anyone have suggestions for purposeful activities that would work for this popualtion?
Susan 26th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Hi Jackie,
What comes to mind right off the bat is this on golden carers

Are you interested in a support group for them??

Any activity that does not use vision as a key element is good like a sing along or reminiscing

Is there a commission for the blind in your area?? If their doctor fill out some paper work stating that they are legally blind, then they may be able to get some vision aids for free
There are plenty of places you can buy items for people with low vision should they want to do that
Barbara 30th Jul 2017 Recreation Coordinator
1) I have an overhead projector and copy crossword puzzles onto the transparencies. I call out each clue, how many letters etc. so that our visually impaired residents can participate, too. I've noticed that this also sparks conversation with those sighted folks who help with clues!

2) Purchase painting canvasses and use masking tape to create blocks/squares, triangles. Set up three paint colors for each person, telling them the location of each color, then have them 'feel' the tape and paint within those lines. (They might want to wear gloves). It dries in less than 10 minutes. Gently peel off the tape and voila! You have a masterpiece.

Susan 30th Jul 2017 Activity Director
great ideas Barbara
Jackie 1st Aug 2017

Thank you so much! I love both of these ideas and will definitely try them out!

Margaret 2nd Aug 2017
We had a client who was blind (with macular). She was great at threading crafts eg. coloured beads on pipe cleaners. We'd separate the shapes / colours in piles and she would do a better job than the sighted clients. We use bright led lights or a bell to indicate where target points are for games. Visually impaired clients often do better at games because they have no expectation they will win - no pressure. Just let them have a go :)

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