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Kerryn 26th Jul 2017 Lifestyle co ordinator
Good morning all, we are a high, high care home, a lot of our clients are unable to talk any longer or actively participate in activities due to limitations with arms, and hands. I'm needing some ideas of what do apart from them listening to music. Any suggestions would be grateful.
Susan 27th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Sensory activities come to mind. Have you tried any of these?

I do not know if you want to have a sensory room. Here is a good suggestion from Marnie

Have you tried Namaste activities

Focus on what your residents still have. If you want to do a group, then do 1:1 within a group where you are the facilitator acting as the intermediate interactor.

Let me know if you need more info
Morgan 27th Jul 2017 Activity Director
My residents who are limited mobility, and actually who are not limited mobility enjoy hand massages with lightly scented lotion and getting their fingernails painted. Also reading aloud is a popular one. Short stories for those with dementia and reading a chapter a day from a book for those who have better memories and can remember things day to day. We also do some simple exercises that can be adapted to all levels of mobility. Looking at colorful magazines like Birds and Blooms for example is also a favorite. Reminisce is another great magazine. Hope that these help you!
Susan 27th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Good ideas Morgan

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