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Betty 8th Aug 2017
Hello, I'm a new activity director and I have found Golden Care to be very helpful. With National Assisted Living Week coming up next month I have been ask to put something together or staff and residents to do. I have hit a wall, I'm really not sure were to look or what to do. If anyone has an ides I would love to hear from you. Thank you.
Solange 8th Aug 2017
Hi Betty, celebrating National Assisted Living Week is putting on a special day for residents and staff. If possible, an unforgettable day! You may choose either a themed party or a day filled with fun activities and games. If you choose a themed party, you will find several ideas on Golden Carers. If you wish a day filled with fun, plan two or three main activities and some smaller activities, to fill the day.
For instance: You could hire a square dance group for the morning and karaoke for the afternoon. For ‘in between’ activities you could have quizzes, riddles, a drawing competition, poetry reading, a word game and more. For Karaoke, get staff involved forming duets or trio with residents, choose short, easy, and known popular melodies, and pass the microphone around e.g. Islands in a Stream is a good one (give lyrics to all in large font) . I wish you all the luck, you will be fine!

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