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Carolyn 10th Aug 2017 Lifestyle
I am wanting to buy the Sonas CD for our memory support unit. I have looked online and google with out much success. Is the actual CD called Sonas? Does anyone have a link as to where I can purchase the CD?
Thank you
Susan 11th Aug 2017 Activity Director
Do you mean something like what is at these sites

If not can you be a little more specific
Carolyn 14th Aug 2017
Hi Susan.
Thanks for your response.
Unfortunately the links aren't what I'm looking for.
Its basically a CD that runs through a program where it plays an introduction for the residents, you welcome them by name. There is music that they can sing along to, it allows time for you to do some sensory hand massage, exercises etc.
The CD is not an original and I cant seem to find anything like it.
Thanks again,

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