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Nancy 28th Aug 2017 Secretary
I am having a build a burger for our next get together. Does anyone have a game or trivia quiz about burgers we could play after dinner?
Susan 29th Aug 2017 Activity Director
Here is some trivia

What about talking about toppings you have to put on the burger
Here are some
The classic: go with Dijon, whole grain, brown, or good ol’ yellow ballpark mustard.
Tangy stuff
Next, you’re going to want a little zip: relish, sliced pickles, or spears running the length of the bun, Chicago-style, are all great. Sauerkraut is in this family too, as is its Korean cousin kimchi. Coleslaw is an unexpected riff that gives you a little crunch and a little cream, too.
Creamy things
Mayonnaise is a classic option, especially in other parts of the world, and if you’re feeling fancy you could flavor it with a bit of chipotle, wasabi, miso or sriracha first. Other great creamy toppings include avocado (mashed, sliced, diced), sour cream, or even a fried egg.

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