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Tina 2nd Sep 2017 Activity Assistant
I work in a large facility and we have catholic mass every Friday. does anyone have any ideas for a short program after church before lunch?
Frances 3rd Sep 2017
How long do you have between mass and lunch?
Susan 4th Sep 2017 Activity Director
I have the same question.
Things we used to do because the mass seemed to be very short, were to do the ABCs of what you are thankkful for, and or sing popular hymns such as: Jesus Lives You, In the Garden, The Old Rugged Cross Amazing Grace, This is the Day and Count Your Blessings.
Sometimes we would sing some hymns and when we got to Count Your Blessings, I would ask each participant what he id blessed with. If he could not think of anything, I would say something like You are blessed with a beautiful, family friends or a lovely smile.
I invited those who were good singers who knew most of the words up to the front to lead the group.
You can also read an uplifting story or discuss the meaning of a parable or psalm.
Kathleen 5th Sep 2017 Activity Assistant
Following Mass, our memory care residents have 30 minutes before lunch. Most return to the Dining/Activity Room and sit and chat with other residents. It's a form of Fellowship that is conducted after many church services around the world. I don't really see the need to "fill the void."

That said, however, I sometimes play a nature video (flowers, birds, aquatic life) with the sound off. Then I play some type of classical music to go along with it. If I don't have to rush off to do some kind of prep work for the afternoon activities, I will go around to some of the tables and chat.

This 30 minute period is an opportunity to socialize and have fellowship.
Morgan 6th Sep 2017 Activity Director
I work in a Catholic non-profit facility that has Mass every morning. Each morning after Mass we do an exercise game (balloon bat, ring toss, stretch, basketball, etc.) and I gauge the residents interest to see how they are enjoying the exercise. If they are enjoying it a lot then we will continue to play until lunch (which is for about 45 mins to an hour) but if they are not into it that day we will switch to a word game or a mind game. That way we are exercising both minds and bodies in the morning.
Tina 10th Sep 2017 Activity Assistant
between mass and lunch is 45 minutes
Susan 11th Sep 2017 Activity Director
Hi Tina
You have a lot of good ideas here that would work.
Tell the residents, you were given some suggestions as to what to do. Let them decide.
Allowing residents to have a say help them improve their quality of life.
Have you read this article
Just as an aside. We had a Mass once every five months. Once a month, the other four months , we had a spiritual service with some members of the church.
These services were short so I used my suggestions after the Mass and services
Tina 11th Sep 2017 Activity Assistant
Thank you everyone!

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