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Gerry 23rd Oct 2017
Hi All in a couple of weeks I'm going to have to do an activity as part of my placement assessment , I'm very nervous ..

would any one have any ideas ?

I did assist with a bowling activity last week it was fun
would love any suggestions thank you
what a wonderful site this is xx
Dorian 24th Oct 2017 Author And Coordinator
Hello Gerry,
I feel your pain, I know all you need is an idea to inspire you and you will be off and running. Have you looked at Pinterest? There are countless activities and other recreation professionals pinning everyday. I have a page specifically dedicated to the topic.

How many people would this be for?
Are you looking to do an event?
Do you have a budget?
How long is the activity? An hour?

If you provide a bit of information I can help you out..
I wrote a book specifically to help seniors and recreation professionals

There is a suggestion that I can give you.
Set-up 2 chairs ( if you have a microphone, this would be best so everyone can hear).
Find an individual to interview- this could be a resident, staff, director or a friend of yours.
Call it " The Gerry -- Show" Think of Oprah. Come up with a list of questions, they may had/have a fascinating job, they may have traveled to amazing places. Asks if they have any photos or props they can bring.

Have a small tea party to go with it, this would give you a reason to decorate a few table and make it look seasonal. If you know the person is going to talk about, build a theme around.

If this is successful perhaps you can continue "The Show" I know for a fact that this format works very well, you just have to be comfortable speaking in front of people.

I hope this helps, If you would like to contact me
Susan 25th Oct 2017 Activity Director
If you answered the questions Dorian suggested it would be helpful
However no matter what activity you run you must be enthusiastic excited and engaging and involve everyone
In the beginning of the activity make sure you thank everyone for coming and tell them what a good time they're going to have
At the end make sure to thank everyone for coming
Gerry 25th Oct 2017
wow thank you dorian and susan what a wonderful idea , i will get to work and put a plan together xx have a great night

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