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Denise 25th Oct 2017 Life Enrichment Assistant
Hi, I'd like to put some sort of a book together focusing on each of the residents in a memory care facility (kind of a bio). I'm having a hard time planning it out (should I have a separate book for each resident or one book with a little something about each person)? I wanted to include things like photos of what their favorite things are, etc. Any suggestions on how to put this together? Thank you.
Susan 26th Oct 2017 Activity Director
Perhaps you should have multiple books
One book for the staff with some information about each resident in it so they can communicate better with the residents
Then have a book for each resident with pictures and things they like in it and they can look at their book to jog their memory or to do something in times when there is not a big activity
You will need the help of family members and other staff to make these books because it is quite a project
Some residents may horde the books or hide them so be aware of that
Denise 26th Oct 2017 Life Enrichment Assistant
Good point, Susan (we do have some horders)!!! Actually, I think one book for each of them would be a good idea. The staff has "resident profiles" of each person, but I wanted something more special - a little book. As you said, it would be nice for them to look at it to see things they have done. I also was thinking of including some poetry for each. I know it's a project, but we have a great group of family members who are very engaged in their loved ones care and usually willing to help.
Thanks very much for your response.
Susan 27th Oct 2017 Activity Director
It goes with out saying that family members need to make copies of pictures and other important memorabilia because they might get lost

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