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Brandel 2nd Nov 2017

Brandel Steinmetz

Nov 2, 12:00 AM AEST
I live in Lakewood, New Jersey, I have a Bachelor’s Degree with a specialization in Gerontology- Recreational Therapy. I am looking to start my own small business in this field. I would like to offer the service of going to elderly individuals in their homes and doing recreational therapy activities with them one on one.
I have worked in nursing homes in the past, about 5 years ago. I left this field for a while and now would like to get back into it.
I have not found any refresher courses I can take to refresh myself and get back into it.
I chanced upon the Golden Careers website awhile ago and loved it right away. I have been following it ever since.
I thought maybe you would be able to help me and give me some leads and ideas of how to go about getting into this field and offering this service.
Brandel Steinmetz
Solange 3rd Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Brandel, the idea has a lot of potential. You could try putting an advertisement in your local paper offering your services or placing a note on the bulletin boards (community board) of Churches. The first job may not be easy to find but once you get it the ‘word-of-mouth’ will do the rest. All the best of luck!

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