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Bobbi 7th Dec 2017 Art Therapist
Hi all! I'll be stepping into a new role Coordinator position next year. I would love some advice on managing budgets. Am worried as this is very new to me and I would appreciate a crash course, and welcome your feedback! I am a little embarrassed to ask this!
As a guide what portion of your budget would you allocate to entertainment, outings (lunch) and activities (music, dance, craft)?
My budget will be allocated in monthly blocks, however as our residence is growing should I divide the amount by per person, or allocate each activity a set amount ?
Thank you kind friends - love this site!
Solange 10th Dec 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Bobbi, the allocation of the budget depends on the Program you have for the year. In my experience, we spend approximately 70% of the budget on entertainment: outings, concerts,
instructors (Tai Chi, Yoga), theme events, etc. We kept 20% for the purchase of games, craft material, and other resources. The other 10% we kept for a 'raining day' until the end of the year when we would spend it on Christmas. Of course, the budget allocation depends also on whether it is generous or weak. In my days our budget was $250 dollars a month for a facility of 64 beds. Hope this helps.
Bobbi 11th Dec 2017 Art Therapist
Thanks Solange, I'll work on those ratios, this is a huge help. I like the idea of having a 10% buffer too! I can always use that up at Xmas time. Great suggestion.
Geez $250 is pretty tight!!!!

Much appreciated - I'll keep u posted how I go!

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