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Bobbi 7th Dec 2017 Art Therapist
Professional development
DRTA members are encouraged to do 15points of PD each year (to maintain membership, and with the purpose of elevating recognition and respect for the profession). But this is for membership - not compiles to the profession. I know We do internal training at work (online modules to keep us up to date with changes to the organisation etc)

Does anyone have to participate in accredited training each year? What training do you do?

Solange 10th Dec 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Bobbi, yes, online training seems to be the most popular in my experience. Some facilities also have an in-house training education where educators come to update staff on Dementia, Hospice Care, and Health & Safety among others.
Bobbi 12th Dec 2017 Art Therapist
Thanks - I was looking for activity workshops. Yes we do mostly inhouse and online - lots of oh&s atm.
Solange 13th Dec 2017
Hi Bobbi, many moons ago I did a rather good Craft Workshop with the Salvation Army. Perhaps they still run this workshop in your area. It included some new ways to play old games.

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