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Lori 19th Dec 2017 Activity
How many are doing person centered care any comments
Lucienne 30th Dec 2017 Activity Coordinator
Hi Lori, I am a Activity Coordinator in the UK and I work in a 60 bed nursing home with all levels of Dementia. My work is person-centred and I work with residents so that they can maintain old interests and lifestyles. I gain as much information from the resident as well as their family and friends so that I can tailor a plan to meet their needs physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s not always easy but very worthwhile.
Lori 31st Dec 2017 Activity
Could you give any examples of this?
Renee 5th Jan 2018
Basically just offer activities or things that interest the person. For example, we don't want to only have Bingo as an activity when Sally finds no purpose and has no interest in bingo. How can you be more person centered with Sally? That would be to find out what she used to enjoy doing/currently enjoys and tailor activities to fit what she would like to do. You could also find out more about her past job/career and offer meaningful activities based on what she used to do.

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