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Lori 26th Apr 2022 Activity


I work in a locked dementia unit where the residence are middle late too late stages of dementia it is hard to find things that they can do please help me are there any suggestions
Lori 23rd Nov 2021 Activity

Guess How Old They Are Now

My same problem
Lori 18th Nov 2021 Activity

Guess How Old They Are Now

My same problem
Lori 1st Oct 2021 Activity


Does anyone have suggestions I am in a dementia unit most of them don’t have ability to do much their eyes are bad and they are too anxious to sit for anything most of my day is 1/1 trying to help ones with behaviors. Must be very easy things?
Lori 14th May 2021 Activity

Animal Bingo

What do the things under the bingo mean a3 a4 Tabloid what do those things mean
Lori 12th Sep 2020 Activity

Intergenerational: Colour By Numbers

Do you have other color by number. Not Christmas
Lori 13th Jan 2020 Activity

Name Bingo

Do you have them mark one letter at a time or multiple
Lori 31st Dec 2019 Activity


Is there any New Year’s bingo
Lori 29th Dec 2019 Activity

Valentine's Day Dementia Bingo

This Valentine’s Day for dementia is awesome do you have any other dementia Bingos
Lori 5th Oct 2019 Activity


I am having a lot of trouble thinking of ideas of what to do at our ladies group what do you all do