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Lisa 22nd Jan 2018 Carer
2 questions if any one can help!!
Do people keep the same activities on the same day each month for example knit & natter I did on a Wednesday Arts & Crafts on a Monday is it better to change the day or keep it to the same???
What do people put down for they weekend activities if its your days off ??

Thank you

Renee 23rd Jan 2018
I think that depends more on your group. We have a lot of people who will remember certain activities and may say things like "we just did that!" If that is the situation you are in, then I would change the days each month. Our regular monthly entertainers come on the same day each month, though.
Solange 23rd Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist

Hi Lisa, in my experience same day repeated activities work for popular activities like Carpet Bowls, or Bingo. Residents would resent it if they were not at the same time. Regarding days off; I used to work on weekdays only and the weekends didn’t have Activity staff so I would instruct nurses to have the residents watching sport/movie on TV, Happy Hour, Quizzes, or Sing-along lead by volunteers or residents’ relatives. Nurses would supervise group as needed.
Maude 23rd Jan 2018 Leisure therapist
For me, I work with the same activities on the same day of the week.
For example :
- Monday: physical activity (Pockets, bowling, Target Toss, etc.)
- Tuesday: Volunteer visit
- Wednesday: Cognitive games and board games and bingo in evening
- Thursday: Social activities (happy hour once a month, games, themed activities)
- Friday: Occupational activities (Colouring, puzzle, button sorting)
- Saturday: Music or movie night
-Dimanche: Mass and Church services
Nori 24th Jan 2018
I agree with Renee and Solange's comments: it really depends on your group, and what events they "depend" on.
Aside from my regularly-scheduled events (Bingo, Thirsty Thursday, etc.), I try to schedule "big" programs like guest speakers, musical groups, etc. on weekdays at 2pm: the subject/activity may change, but my tenants are at least in the habit of expecting an activity at that time. It also helps the nursing staff plan their schedules.
It's also nice to have some variety in the activity schedule: a special concert or children's visit is just different enough to engage tenants in a new way.
Nori 24th Jan 2018
Regarding weekends, could you enlist some volunteers? Would your facility allow you some flexibility in scheduling your hours so you COULD work one weekend a month? The administration of your facility should already know how important weekend activities are! If it doesn't , try enlisting the Social Work staff to lobby on your behalf regarding this. Would the weekend nursing/dietary/housekeeping/laundry/administrative staff be willing to assist you with leading a weekend activity (as Solange suggested)? Even 1:1 activities like manicures, a simple game, or folding laundry! Do you have a tenant capable of leading a weekend activity? In my limited experience, tenants enjoy teaching others their favorite card games and I have one tenant who leads a "nature" group for other tenants 1x per month, and another who heads up a Bible Study 1x per week. Could you find out if any of your tenants are former teachers and/or volunteers who may enjoy leading something on the weekends?
Just a few suggestions...Good luck!
Lisa 27th Jan 2018 Carer
Thank you so much all your comments have being a great help xx

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