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kathy 31st Jan 2018
hi have a young 51 male who is mentally challenged at my facility, he has behavioural problems needs to be kept stimulated any failsafe ideas or he gets angry at other residents verbally and physically , ,, he has all of his cognitive, hearing and visual skills. have tried colouring in, gardening, and attending general activities but needs stimulation other times.
Solange 31st Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kathy, it seems to me he needs a 'one on one' care since the potential for harm is present.
When you work ‘one on one’ there is more scope to circumvent situations. You can alter the circumstances to improve the behaviour. Choose activities familiar to him and use positive reinforcement which can be as simple as praising, a high five or a pat on the back. You should also consider he may need professional help. Good luck!
kathy 5th Feb 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
yes I only get one on one time usually one week in afternoon, he does follow mw around a bit on site.. thankyou for your help.

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